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@Company name NIHON KOSAN CO.,LTD.
@Address 651-0093
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@Phone 81-78-221-0210
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NIHON KOSAN Co., Ltd. started to export Japanese used vehicles to Myanmar in 1979, since when we have expanded our market to Oceania such as New Zealand and Australia.

Now we periodically export to Africa as well, mainly to Kenya and Tanzania. We also have clients in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Mongolia in South East Asia.

Nearly 50,000 used cars come up for varied auctions every week. For our export, we buy only the very best of the cars selected and inspected by our reliable surveyors with their utmost assurance.
Your country may regulate the import of used cars. As countries have different individual regulations including emission standards for automobile, each vehicle needs to pass the compulsory inspection before export shipment. We have a great capacity and competence in our own plant and staff to pass the whole items of inspection such as repairing, pleating, painting, checkup, and transportation.

We are aiming high to be the best of best partner to you.

President N. Toyoda

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